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Apostle Davis is the husband to his beautiful wife Pastor Angela Davis.He is also the father of three beautiful children, the grandfather of two. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept the call to ministry has brought him to many challenging crossroads that left him with a decision that needed to be made. Choosing to deny himself and walk out his calling has brought this man of God from Prison to Pastoring and from Mountains to Millions. The hand of God has been seen all through his life, he had no choice but to choose Christ.

Apostle Davis is the founder and Senior pastor of City of Life Ministries of Orlando,FL. alongside his wife Pastor Angela Davis. Apostle Davis also known as Dr. Davis has conducted many life changing seminars entitled “Creations of a Millionaire Mind” that have not only dealt with the keys of financial wealth but shifting the mind to deal with the total man through biblical principles and practical application.

Apostle Davis’s power packed messages are filled with life experiences and biblical principles that birth leaders. His slogan is that “Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Developed”. He is known for his in-depth teachings of the Word of God that not only inspire the growth of believers but ignites a passion for Christ for those who some would consider as “are-nots”.

His greatest passion is teaching people how to unlock their potential and walk in the Kingdom of God by┬áproviding key principles and teachings on unlocking the Kingdom inside of you. Apostle co-wrote the book entitled “Giving Birth to the Kingdom” by Pastor Angela Davis. Apostle Davis will also be release at least 4 more books this year.

This Doctor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Father, and leader has a thought provoking message that will demand change and bring out the best in everyone his ministry encounters. Whether in a seminar or a service the expectation for a move of God is no less. Be prepared with great expectation for this God encounter as you receive the ministry gift of Apostle Sedrick Davis.


``Kingdom Gets Results.``

-Apostle Davis

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